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  • 14 October 2021
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I am wondering if other peers have the same feeling that the it is not convenient to locate and find the past emails, communications, notes easily. I am wondering it will be good if following can happen:

  • Current search doesn’t show up the comments, but comments is now a very important communication internally Karbon encourage to replace emails for internal communication, so the search should cover comments to enable us to find past comments easily.
  • When we search something, Initially, it should show up all the results no matter it is email, note, work or comments. the tab for emails, notes etc. can still be there, but it will serve as filter function. 

10 replies

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I also miss the global search as sometimes I find a bit tricky to find information (especially notes)

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I would also like to see  ‘last commented’ on when searching notes like we can see on the emails that come up in search.

Feature request in the works…..

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I too miss the global search.  Sometimes I am not sure what I am looking for and would like to see all options including, contacts, work items, notes etc.  I would love to have the current search and then an option to make it a global search to see all types on one screen.

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Agreed! I’d also like to be able to search part of words, sometimes I miss the ‘s’ off the end and it doesn’t detect. Atleast, I think that’s what it’s doing.. 

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I would like to see a search that has an advanced search setting where you can search for keywords that are in either emails, notes, task, etc.

Trying to scroll through emails from a colleague to find the one you are looking for can be a nightmare especially when the colleague is not available to help.

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I would love to be able to search through client comments as well - sometimes it’s not a document they upload but give us some detail in writing through the amazing karbon clients tasks. However, it is hard to find those again - basically have to manually click through it all. 


Yes, I agree that searching in KarbonHQ is insufficient. You can't search here as I'm used to from Gmail or Apple Mail. For example, if you enter find text searches amazon or eu and even if I enter "", it will not help.

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To add to the conversation - an example from today. 

I know I sent a note to a colleague yesterday morning and I tried searching for this note using my colleague’s name, my name!, and a keyword from the message. 

The search list came up with everything but my note - other colleague’s notes from all sorts of work, my notes from ages ago, but nothing from yesterday. 

Annoyingly I had to go to my cleared items and search for my note manually - thankfully it was only from yesterday!

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I’ve found that the only reliable way to search for something is to search within the timeline that a note/email/etc. was tagged in.  Of course that only works if it was tagged to a timeline.

That need to work on this pronto!!!