Schedule Client Video Meetings through Karbon?

  • 27 February 2023
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We have switched to Karbon from PipeDrive. 


In PipeDrive… I could create an Activity and invite people to the activity through PipeDrive. It would create an event on my google calendar, and send the invite emails to the client, so they could also have the event on their calendar. 


We could also “Make it a Zoom Meeting” by clicking the button that says… “make it a zoom meeting” and it would input the zoom information into the description. 


This whole process would take 10 seconds. 


Does Karbon have a feature I am missing? How do I create meetings and invite clients, with a video link through Karbon?




3 replies

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Hi @Matt Beans we use Hubspot for initial meetings and connections and face the issue of getting the notes and info from Hubspot to Karbon when we close the deal.  It would be amazing to have it all in one space, I will also vote for this feature request!

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Hi @Matt Beans, welcome to the Karbon community! 😊

We use Calendly and put the links in client requests so clients can schedule that way.

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Hi @Matt Beans - welcome to Karbon!!

At the moment, event invites would still be managed through your calendar provider (e.g. Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar). There is a Calendar integration, but it is still in it’s infancy so it is mainly for viewing your existing events, and then you can drag/drop work items to schedule them around your events. You can accept calendar invites inside Karbon now, and I know this is a feature they have plans to build out and expand the functionality.

I couldn’t find an existing feature request for this, and it’s a great idea so I’d encourage you to submit your request. You can do this here and then choose the Submit an Idea button.

Paste the link to the feature request here once you have, and I will definitely vote for it!