Remove placeholder accounts from Email Insights

  • 16 February 2022
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I’m reviewing our Email Insights and for the first time I noticed that our placeholder accounts are being calculated. We have colleague accounts that have never been activated for placeholders and between the three of them, I’m wondering what kind of impact this is having on my overall metrics.

How can we remove the non-activated accounts from the calculations?

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Hi @sarah.e 

You can remove your place holder accounts by setting filters that do not include them.  The filter does not save as a default thought so you would have to set it each time.

We are set up with team so when I want to see how a group of collegues are doing I select the team(s) they are on.  To save clicks you could create a team that includes everyone except the placeholders and filter by that team.


Team are set up through Setting → Colleagues → Team tab

Once you have your teams set up you will need to remember to add new employees to the appropriate team(s) when you onboard them.


Then you can select the teams of your choice on Insights.




Hope this helps,