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  • 20 March 2023
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Hey All,


I am hoping to gain insight into tracking team member productivity. Within Work insights, it is very work item oriented. We are very task focused and our work items pass from person to person based on the amount of steps necessary (tax prep, bookkeeping, advisory, etc) so it is not the best place to look to see how much a team member is or is not producing.

We would like to see something that can show the amount of tasks completed over a period of time, how many of those were completed on time, and how many of them were re-assigned and completed by someone else. We would like to be able to sort by team member, by client, and by work type.

We do not use time entries whatsoever because we found that it often became a time suck itself to make sure people were completing time sheets as well as them not being entirely accurate.

Has anyone been successful inside of Karbon or using something else as a compliment to Karbon to track productivity through tasks?

Thanks for any input.




2 replies

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Hi @Jarett S 

We struggle with this as well.  We do not use time tracking in Karbon but we do use Budgets.  We assign budgets by person and role for each work item so we can create Kanban boards that give us snapshots.  This helps with forecasting and capacity planning not measuring productivity, I do look at those dashboards at specific times of the month which give insight into how each person is progressing but not at the level you discussed.  I thought there was a feature idea along these lines but I couldn’t find it.  It is something I would upvote for sure!

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There isn’t anything in Karbon to track task completion that I know about, but @kylenecarse has an interesting use case for where they track some of the things you are talking about. I don’t know if it’s a complete fit, but she may have some insight for you.