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  • 21 April 2022
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Can Karbon set up an out of office message?

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I thought there might have been an existing feature request, but I’ll link this new one here so people can vote!


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A solve for the internal comments/notes could be a “status” similar to what you see in Teams or Slack. That would only be seen internally by your team vs externally by clients. Not a full OOO solution but would work if you are driving adoption to live and breath in Karbon.

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@Liz Hedin Welcome! 

We have run into this same issue as well. Currently there is not a way to setup an automatic response to comments and @mentions, but it would be a great feature request. If you suggest that, I would vote for it. 

To submit an idea to Karbon, click on Feature Ideas on the top title bar in the Community.


Then click on Submit an Idea button.



Any ideas for dealing with out of office, internally, when using comments and @mentions within Karbon?  Since an out of office message is set up through your email provider, it would only come through as a reply to an email.  However, if we are using comments internally, that out of office reply would be missed.  Can an automatic response to comments and @mentions be set up?  

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Welcome to Karbon, @Paul Whitestone ! No, an out of office message cannot be set up within Karbon. You’ll need to do that in your email platform.