"Other" Work Type in MyWeek

  • 24 June 2022
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I noticed that in My Week work is categorized by work type, but sometimes there’s an “Other” category. 

“Other” includes a variety of different work, and in our case, it is not because of Default work types. 


Can someone explain why (or How) My Week chooses which work types each colleague is able to filter by- seemingly regardless of how much work they have to do in that category? 

3 replies

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@Danielle Clark I just saw the Other category today and wondered the same thing.  I am seeing work that is actually in other categories here too, so definitely would love to see what others are seeing/thinking on this too.

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@max that’s goals right there!

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I don’t really use the filters. I just try to keep less than 50 items in This Week, lol.