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I know Karbon encourage to use note for internal communication. However, I noted that if a colleague send note to another colleague, the note is visible to all colleagues. I hope there is something I don’t know so that colleagues can confidently send note to each if it is a bit more privacy information/communication. If no way to get around, I will lodge an idea to the feature Idea.


Another thing is the comments under a work/contact which is a private contact. I think Karbon needs to be fix is that, if I @ some colleague in that note/following comments. The colleagues should only see that specific comments/note I @ them. They shouldn’t be added to the contact/work as they will see all future Commnications not as intended. (I know when I @them, there is a reminding message from Karbon, but this is not helpful, especially when someone is careless or overlooks it). Currently, to avoid that, the only way is to send an email to the colleague separately, that will break the intuition and decrease work efficiency.  What are your experience and any way to get around before Karbon improve this.

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Hi @MikeLiang, we are a smaller firm, and how we handle this is by assigning the note to a contact that is private. This way only the people you add will be able to see the note.

We have a few contacts set up for our managers, and I have one set up for just me to use for this purpose. 

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@max  that is what I am doing now. Only a bit risky thing, is that if the mechanism of @ people in a comments for a note or email under the private contact. If someone overlook the warning message, the one who are @ will be able to see all other confidential conversation from very beginning and future. 

I will definitely suggest an idea to Karbon that, when @someone in a comments or a note, that someone should only see the message or note he/she is @, he/she should be added to the contact to see older or future conversation.  This will be intuitive and not causing risk of unwanted break of confidentiality.

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Hello @MikeLiang ! Our firm handles this issue the same way that @max described. In addition, when I’m discussing sensitive information, I try to pay close attention to the visibility section of the right hand tray to ensure only those who need to see it have that ability.



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@jens me too. I always pay high attention to right pane. But I cannot control and guarantee other team members don’t @wrong people, or don’t pay attention to the visibility section……. Need some system level control here, that is why we need a system, isn’t it.