Merge Contacts

  • 9 March 2022
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For duplicate contacts, can we add an option to merge from one contact to the other in one click? Right now, we have to manually move the work, the emails and can take a while to do.

5 replies

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I would vote for this idea.  Please submit.  We could all use this feature!

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Hi @Cathy M! 😀

That’s a great idea. The best place to put those ideas is in the Feature Ideas section. Several community-suggested ideas were included in yesterday’s Karbon update, so Karbon really pays attention to those.

Once you add it, link it back in this thread and I’ll go vote for it. 😀

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It’s a feature over here, so we can go vote for it!   Merge Contact Feature

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I will definitely vote for this. This will save us tone of time doing everything manually. 

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Voted. 😀