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  • 15 June 2022
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Hi Karbon Community,

We have started doing some marketing, and I’m not sure that our marketing firm understands how to market for accounting firms. I’m looking for someone who will outline what we need to do to build a marketing engine.

I’m curious if anyone is using a marketing firm that has really figured out how to market accounting/bookkeeping services.


4 replies

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Hey @max I’m joined MBS as marketing manager this year but worked for one of MBS’ marketing partners for many years. We’re a work-in-progress on many of these and by no means perfect, but maybe some of these recommendations will help you:

  • messaging → asking about the benefits of our services for clients and selling THAT
  • social media → social brings leads, but only after people see that you are consistent, authentic, and helpful. New clients often mention our social as being a motivator for contacting us.
  • SEO → PPC ads are great but SEO offers long-term ROI and (more importantly) brand awareness. Invest in a solid SEO strategy and you’ll see massive benefits for all aspects of your firm’s brand.

I don’t want to come off as spammy, but since you’re asking about marketing and I mentioned SEO as a driver for our firm’s marketing, I’ve listed some articles I’ve written for Firm of the Future below. 

Hope this helps you @max  and best of luck to you!

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We are going through a different route now and have just signed up for help and support to increase our marketing using social media (and being ourselves first).

I’ll message you with more details.

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Yo! You read my mind. 😀 I just commented on your welcome post.

I’ll look into these links. Thanks for the information!

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@max We have known Madeline Reeves for years, and she has a marketing/branding company that has worked with some CAS firms in the past.  Here is the link to her company’s website: