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  • 28 June 2022
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Before yesterday afternoon the side menu was always visible and I had the option to click on the X and hide it.  Now the menu never appears and in order to see it I have to click the 3 bars at the top left.  I don know what happened that changed it and I don’t see a way to change this.  Can anyone help.  Thank you.


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7 replies

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Hi @Susan Vigil! I can’t seem to replicate this in my triage and I’m not seeing an option in the Settings to adjust a default option. You might want to reach out to Karbon support ( or via the “Help and Feedback” option in the left navigation to see if they can resolve the issue.

If you haven’t done this already, restarting your browser or computer may resolve the issue.

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@leigh is this a support issue?

I had the same issue with mine - it was when I was viewing Karbon on a smaller screen (laptop) versus my other two monitors that the menu would go away. Does this always happen?


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Aha!  @Diana Reyes you ROCK!  Apparently I had changed the zoom value on my screen to 110%.  When I changed it back to 100%, the menu stays.  Very interesting.  Thank you for all the feedback.

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@Susan Vigil whenever I use my laptop undocked from my workstation, it defaults to not show now the side menu.  I believe this is to maximize the Triage/Reports view on smaller monitors.  Once you click the three bars to see the menu, it should stay, but it does reset for me whenever I close the browser or restart the laptop.  

I’ve also noticed this happens when resolution is changed on larger monitors too, as you mentioned!

Hope this helps!

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When I’m using my laptop screen, i set the zoom value to 90% in order to keep everything visible. With the addition of My Week and Calendar integration, a larger monitor definitely comes in handy.

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Thank you everyone for your feedback.  I am at peace again.