Karbon Email Insights - what is your "Email Added to Contacts" percent?

  • 29 April 2022
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I’d be curious to know what others “Email Added to Contact” percent is within the Karbon Email Insights feature. I just turned it on to trial it and see how it works was shown this stat. I feel like it’s really low… I showed you mine… now you show me yours 😂


3 replies

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Here are my personal stats:

I get A LOT of auto notifications that I clear without adding to any contacts or work.

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I noticed that Karbon will now let you see your own status (a kind of monkey’s paw sales tactic, I assume), so here are my personal stats:

I’m also a little surprised at how low this is, but a lot of our incoming emails get added to timelines because they are from our client’s vendors. So there will be several senders that have no reason to get their own contact in Karbon.

We setup a catch-all email domain that acts as an alias to one of our shared mailboxes. When we setup a portal account for a client’s vendor, we use as the email address and then add that email address to the client’s profile so that all incoming email from the client’s vendor automatically gets added to the client’s timeline. I think this practice will push down the metrics from the screenshot.

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Oh, I will play…

I was sure it would be higher since I have created a contact for my role with work orders!

This got me wondering about where my team might be sitting, I think this might be our leader - I think I feel a little friendly competition with the side benefit of using Karbon more effectively