Karbon and Sureprep

  • 29 September 2022
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question for you Karbon and Sureprep users:  sometimes clients will send me an email with information for their tax return. Currently i drag and drop that email into the Sureprep binder.  

With Karbon, i seem to have lost that ability to easily add the email to a Sureprep binder. 

I’m wondering if anyone has a way to handle things like this.


3 replies

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@Brian Davis we don’t use Sureprep, but the drag and drop feature is about the only thing I miss from Outlook desktop.  I am not sure there is a capability with web applications to drag from the web and drop to a different folder.  I know I can’t do this in the Outlook cloud app either, so it may be a limitation that has to be worked around.  

Will be interesting to see if any others have work arounds for you.

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You can also use fireshot to save the email or a section of email on the browser to PSF and then drag. Two steps but it works for us. 


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We started using SurePrep after moving to Karbon. I think my staff are trained to use screenshots in workpapers now, but I will ask how they handle this situation. 😀