Is there a way to download a list of inactive clients?

  • 21 October 2021
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Does anyone know if there is a way to download a list of inactive clients?  I can go to the contacts list and do the dropdown and choose only inactive clients to generate a list, but I can’t seem to download the list as only inactive.  The only options I see are to download all clients, People or Organizations.  I tried this feature and it contains all contact types even when I select only inactive.  I really would like to generate and download separate lists like only inactive clients or only business clients.  Any help would be appreciated?


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2 replies

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Thanks Max.  That works.  I am still going to put in a feature request so you can filter the list and then just download what you need.

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Hi Diane!

I don’t see a quick way to export just the contacts on your screen, but what you can is export all, convert the data into a table and then filter the contact type.

  1. Export all contacts
  2. Highlight all data in the exported excel document
  3. Convert to table:
  4. Make sure “My table has headers” is checked:
  5. Now you have filters:
  6. Select your client type from there:

Does that help at all?