Is there a way to disable the ability to send client task requests from emails that are not the current user's?

  • 14 January 2023
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I was wondering if there was a way to remove the ability to change who the client task request is sent from? I do not want people to be able to send emails from accounts that are not their own. Thanks in advance.

5 replies

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I don’t think there is, I don’t see that mentioned as a restriction that is available.


Manage Colleagues, Teams, and Job Roles | Karbon Help (

There is a feature request around user permissions, if you haven’t already voted for you may want to add this there.


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Nope, and totally wish there was too 😢 especially as it’s not possible to see who sent it:


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@Amir Masood I’d vote for this if you make a feature request!


@SamG thanks for promoting this feature request so much haha

YES we need this! I’ve brought it up with team members before but Client Requests are still getting sent out under my name and it is very confusing (both for internal logs and from client perspective) as they all seem to be from me!


I’ve created a feature request, if you are interested to vote on it:
Increase the types of users' restrictions!