Is there a way to attach older emails to work items, if the Karbon user itself is relatively new?

  • 22 June 2023
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Hi! So basically my firm has a large client which we designated a specific email for any correspondence from them. OInly yesterday did we finally create a Karbon User for this email, so we could attacxh any emails from them to the work items. Ideally our firm, wants to go back and have all the older emails appear in triage to attach them to our clients timeline and work item. Is there a feature/setting within Karbon that allows that or will we only be allowed to attach new emails in the triage to our client’s work item/timeline?


Thank you!

1 reply

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Great question... As I started when Karbon started at my firm, I'm not sure what happened in the beginning 🤔

Are those items in your Inbox in your email client now? If no, move them into your Inbox, if yes, try moving them out then moving them back in. Given Triage should basically replicate your Inbox, hopefully that will bring them in 🤞🏾