Is anyone using QBO for Invoicing?

  • 17 August 2021
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We are using the Karbon <> TSheets <> QBO sync to get our time from Karbon to QBO. Our goal is to book time against individual work items, but they come across as sub-clients in QBO, and when we go to generate an invoice, each sub-client (work item) comes through on the invoice with its own heading and subtotal and there is no way that I have found to shut it off.

I’m wondering how others get time and materials invoicing done through QBO. We love the payments feature in QBO and have seen our AR go way down, but the invoices are so ugly that we have decided to just book time against clients instead of work items, which comes with it’s own set of issues (it’s much harder to track budgets etc.)

Looking for any non-flat-rate billers out there who have come up with a simple way to get this done.

3 replies

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Wish I had a better answer for you.  We tried and tested the TSheets integration and finally scrapped it.  The Karbon to TSheets integration was great.  BUT we really struggled with the integration to QBO and and all the hassles encountered on the QBO side.  Ultimately we turned off the integration completely and had our team enter time directly in QBO.  This was okay-ish, but they hated it.  We have now switched to time entries solely in Karbon and then review the time totals, and then summary enter invoices in QBO.  Not ideal, but honestly better than all the corrections and client changes we had to do in QBO on the time entries.  Hoping Karbon will add a feature to mark time as billed in the near future.  This will help us out tremendously!

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What you finally landed is what we are likely going to try next. We’ll bill by work item, so it will be a step in the work item that gets done before the work is closed.

You can add a delayed charge in QBO that gets added to invoices later (similar to time entries), and that’s probably what we will to do to have an idea of where we are with WIP and also not run into a mess trying to figure out what’s been billed and what hasn’t.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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I’ve been using the above mentioned method for 8+ months now….time kept in Karbon - WIP generates based on the role in each work item - invoice by work item out of QBO. It’s a bit manual but it does work. Even created some custom work statuses so I know what’s “Ready to Bill” vs. “Invoiced”. I know Karbon is working on a billing function so I’m okay with sticking with this process for awhile.