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Hi Everyone

I am new to Karbon and in the process of exploring and figuring things out. 

Is there a way to action internal comments into an email to send to a client?


For example, if I am having a discussion with my Employer and we and going back and forth with information that I would then want to send an email to the client. With the information from the conversation as a thread below, so we can keep track of what we need to send.

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I love Copy Conversation Link

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I forgot about the copy conversation link. Great suggestion! I think it's a great feature that probably gets underused.

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@CindyP  We use the same process as explained above by @max 

There have been times when there has been an existing conversation on either a note or task that we then want to use to create an email to send to client. In this case we would use the comments to discuss wording & what to include in the email. Then the email would be sent using the existing conversation thread & we will link to the origional thread in a new comment under the email once sent.

You can copy the conversation link on a note or task using the three dots in the top right & then paste this into a new comment on the email that you just sent.


Not sure if this might be useful for you, on top of Max’s answer above.

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Hi @CindyP, welcome to the Karbon community and to Karbon!

That’s an interesting question. There’s a little trick you can use if you know you will be working on an email together. You can draft an email and schedule it to send at some later point. To be safe, you might want to use a dummy recipient just in case your conversation surpasses the “send later” date and the email actually sends before you are ready.

When the email is pending send later, you are able to continue to comment on it. It looks like this:

It’s a little clunky, and there are a few feature ideas around to address this by allowing comments on draft emails.

As you continue the conversation, you revise the draft email with updated information and send when ready:

I’m not sure if that’s helpful. There are several other people in the community who probably have a better way to handle this situation.