If you could learn from anyone, who would it be?

  • 4 November 2021
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Every year, we bring together a panel of industry leaders, all-stars and influencers to review the year in accounting, discuss the top trends, and share their top actionable tips for the year ahead. It’s usually our most popular webinar by far.

My question for you: Which panelists would you like to hear from this year?

Go wild! No suggestion is too big or too small. If you could learn from anyone, who would it be? Someone from your own firm doing amazing things? A peer who you admire? A leader or influencer you’ve never met but are constantly inspired by? You can even suggest yourself!

Our aim is to bring you an amazing and diverse panel from across the globe who you can learn from and be inspired by as we finish up another huge year.

3 replies

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Hi Lachlan!

I would love to hear from someone bringing Lean/Agile/Continuous Improvement methodology and management systems to the Accounting world. It’s a little buzzy right now, where our managing partner read an article in the AICPA about it.

I come from lean in an industrial environment and have been working hard to change the way we think in our firm. I have not found anyone doing it well in Accounting/Bookkeeping, but I firmly believe it has the potential to unlock huge value (and maybe even save the industry from becoming obsolete at the hands of automation).

You may know firms that are doing it well, and I would love to hear from them (or even connect with them to benchmark).

What do you think?

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Love this idea @max! There’s probably a webinar in itself (actually probably multiple webinars) on this topic! But it would be really interesting to get an expert’s input on this topic for our end-of-year-review. Appreciate the suggestion! 

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Agree with @max this is something I have found surprisingly difficult in an accounting firm.  karbon seems to be very centred around a number of the lean methodology systems and finding out more as to how to actually integrate it into our daily practices would be really helpful.