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  • 1 December 2021
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Anybody out there find a way to track within Karbon each client’s source? For example is a new client came to me as a referral from another client I want to always now how they came to me or from a specific promotion or referred by a specific attorney. 


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Great question @Katharine

I don’t know of any specific field to populate and track how a customer was acquired. Solution might be to type this information to the notes field of the customer found under the details tab, click “All Accounting Details” found under the Account Details section, then client Edit Basics and the notes field is found at the bottom.

Hope this helps. 

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We actually do exactly what @Kirk Jeske mentioned. We add this information to the Description box in the Basics section of the Client/Org details. Here are some other items we list in this box:

  • Referral Source
  • Location
  • Client Start Date
  • Fiscal Year End
  • Time Zone

Is the Description box a field that can be isolated in an export?  Such as an excel?My goal is to be able to evaluate where the clients are coming from.  So i need to be able to see the sources collectively. I am quite surprised that this is not a field all its own considering the importance of the other analytics Karbon has built in to analyze productivity. 

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This would make a great features request.  Anyone else who thinks this would be useful, please go to Help & Feedback tab and then click “I have an idea that would make Karbon even better”.  The more people that request a feature, then more likely it will be added.

@Katharine  It looks like it’s been a year since you asked this. I am shocked there aren’t dozens of firms asking this, too. 100% of our new clients are referrals. We have cultivated these referral sources over the years and have always been able to identify and analyze the best/worst referral sources (clients or outside) Have you come up with a searchable solution? 

Yes Eric I am surprised at this as well.  It seems to me that this is a critical component to growth and information that business owners would need to know and I am surprised it is not part of all of the data that Karbon has been collecting for us.  

Katherine - I am not sure if you found a work around, but we have created Groups under contacts. For example ABC Referral Source - then connect the clients they referred to that group. even if you have a client group (multiple entities) you can tag multiple groups, so you can have the reporting you need. Hope this helps