How to have oversight of all work for a given client (Including notes and emails)

  • 4 November 2021
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Our team has posed the question, whether we should use a basic ‘ad hoc’ work assignment template, instead of assigning emails and notes as tasks. This is in the context of small ad hoc tasks that come through from clients, for example if a client calls and asks for details from their accounts.

If I receive that call, I will usually create a note, and then assign this to a team member to action. The question is whether we should use a ad hoc work assignment template instead, which has a basic action stage, and then review stage for whoever assigned the work.

This would then show all client work and tasks, in one easy to identify place, being the client’s work screen, and would also mean that the person setting the task will automatically receive a task to review the work once it has been actioned.

Any thoughts on whether this would be worthwhile trialing or implementing, or whether we are going against the way Karbon intend for us to use the software?


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I'd suggest an ad hoc template is beneficial, primarily for the task of billing. We call our ad hoc template, Out of Scope. The last task of Out of Scope template is Billing. 

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Personally I think it would be a mix… if it was out of scope and you’d be charging extra for it then definitely I’d be setting up a new work item.  However, for something like a quick check on a figure or re-sending a copy of the accounts or similar I’d say this is better done with a note logged against the timeline of the client.  At the end of the day there is the to-do list or My Week function which allows us to filter out to just show these note assignments…

Interested to know in what others think though

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Hi Adam!

We try to do things as simply as possible in our firm, so if the task can be delegated to one person who will complete the task in one action and no follow-up or review is required, we use notes and assigned emails.

If there is any kind of complexity to the task, we spin up a work item. We don’t use a template, though I may consider that.

Does that help at all?

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Thanks everyone - I think you’re all in agreement there that it comes down to whether the task it billable, and this gives us a nice easy internal policy to use when deciding.