How to find just your @ mentions

  • 16 February 2023
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Hi. I am trying to find all the @mentions for me and i do not see a way. There used to be a way to do this in mobile app but now i don’t see it. It was under Triage and then you could sort by @mention. 

Thank you!


6 replies

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Hi @Julie Lepper !

On a webpage, you can filter your triage by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the count at the top of the page.


On the mobile app, you can click the appropriate header at the top of the screen.


Hope that helps.

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@Julie Lepper Once an item has been moved out of Triage - over to My Week for example you lose the ability to search by @mention.  This would be a feature request I would vote for.  Sometimes you just know something has been @’d to you but you just cannot remember what it was - or maybe that’s just me!

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@Victoria Peters It’s not just you! I’d love to see that ability in My Week as well.

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Thank you Jens!! I totally forgot about that! I just shared with my team too. That is a huge help.  I have not started using my week yet. We have a few more templates to build out and then we are ready to really move forward! 

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Wow, I never noticed that in Triage. Was so excited, went and tried it and then realized what everyone else pointed out, if the email was cleared it’s not showing up. 

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I use the filter feature in Triage daily.  On Mondays, during tax season I can have 150 or more notifications in my Triage. I use the filter feature to look at just emails received.  This allows me to respond to clients quickly.  Then I go to @mentions to see what a team member may need me to do immediately. And then finally, I do notifications.  All the documents uploaded to the portal come to my triage.  This helps me be productive and get items where they need to go.  Love the Triage filter!