How to Create a Task and Add it to My Week

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Its not unusual for me to have some micro task I need to look into this week, but it isn’t directly associated with a piece of work or an email that I can then have in My Week.

I have created a To Do item assigned to myself with a for tomorrow, due end of week, but there’s no option to add it to My Week from that spot.  I have to go to my To Dos, look for it, and THEn assign it to My Week.

Anyone have a workaround that isn’t quite so labor intensive?  Am I missing functionality somewhere?


Best answer by max 8 June 2022, 20:37

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Hi @leeseinmt, that’s a great question. If you create the note FROM the My Week screen, it’ll be on your My Week, otherwise you’ll have to go find it and add it.

There’s a feature request in to make this better. If you like it, go vote for it. 😀

Does that help at all?

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Hi @leeseinmt !  Great question.  I am running into the same issue as you.  It doesn’t appear there is a way to add the task to My Week in the task creation screen.

This would be a great suggestion to add to the Feature Request board.  Once added, share the link with your team members too, so they can upvote it!

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@max beat me too it!  I was just about to repost about creating in MyWeek itself!

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I added a note re: using the + sign to create a Note and then add to My Week @kylenecarse .  I used the feature request that Max referenced above.  Upvote for us all!  😍