How to auto share emails for staff

  • 18 October 2021
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Hello Karbon Community,

I have a fairly new team member and am wonder if there is a way for me, as the admin, to set up auto sharing of his emails or is that a setting that only he can control.  I am hoping that this is something that someone here has dealt with before.

Thanks in advance.

2 replies

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Hi Maria!

There’s no way in the system to set up auto-sharing of email for a staff member, but I did just discover that you can request the contacts bulk update report from Karbon support, and there’s a place on that spreadsheet that they send you where you can turn on email sharing for a staff member. I discovered that one of my staff members was not sharing their email and made the change.

Here’s the webinar where Ian talks about it:

Does that help at all?

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@max Yes that helps. It cleared up that it is something I can not do as the Admin.  That was a my main question. I too discovered that one of my staff was not sharing emails and he is a new entry level and I figured that would be something I would be able to control.  But apparently not.

Good to know I can also handle on the spreadsheet.