How long is completed work available

  • 16 October 2022
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As we think about the upcoming tax season it would be helpful to understand how long is completed work is available?  If needed, for example, can I access work previously completed for a client’s tax work

2 replies

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Hi @Ken Rogers 

I have not seen anything drop off Karbon unless I specifically deleted it so I do not know how long work is available.  I can tell you that I looked at a client that has been with us since we really started using Karbon and all the work is there. Bookkeeping from 2017 that particular work order in no longer in play and the assignee was ‘Unassigned’ since that team member is no longer with us but I could follow the work that had been done.

When you go to Completed work you can sort the list to help you find exactly what you are looking for, by clicking on the heading of the column.



I hope this helps,


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@Ken Rogers you can also use Work Views to filter work lists even further, rather than starting from the client’s Completed tab. This way you can filter by the work type and/or date(s) as well as the client (or any other option!). Just add a Status filter showing Completed.