How do you create work from a template WITHOUT having it assigned?

  • 18 April 2023
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We are just getting Karbon started and I am looking for some guidance. I create work from pre-built templates in the Karbon library. Every template I create, assigns it to me. I skip the “assign tasks to colleague” to do it later, but it still assigns the full template and all repeating work to me. I looked up the roles and having it assigned to a role, but it won’t do it. 

Work- create work- use a template- assign to: AUTOMATICALLY puts my name in, even when I delete it. 

OR Template- create work- again my name will not stay removed.

When I look in details, I can see the client is assigned to me, and then under work team, there is me and unassigned. There are 4 of us on the team and we all work on the clients...


What steps am I missing?


Thanks guys!



6 replies

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@Alyssa Churchill you will need to manually change the assignee whenever you create work, whether from a template or not. It will default to the assignee being the person creating the work, and I don’t believe there is a way around this. It is part of the Create Work setup screen -


Work must have an assignee, so if you’re removing yourself and not adding someone else instead it will default back to you. If you don’t know who it should be assigned to at the time, you could create a dummy user called Work Queue (or similar) and then reassign later. To do this, create a new Karbon user with a fake email address - as long as the invite isn’t accepted, you can use it to assign work/tasks etc. and it won’t be added to your billing.

Thank you very much! 

I thought I was going crazy that every template I create would assign to me, but I understand! I have a dummy user now.


Have a nice day!

Why can’t I remove a task assignee from a template?

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Why can’t I remove a task assignee from a template?

@Zalmen Grossberg it’s really annoying but you can do it from each individual task which is assigned to a specific person. You need to open the task, then click the Unassign button:


Not sure why you can’t do this for a whole section or from the 3 dots menu though!

@Rebecca Williams My question was regarding entire work item, is there a way that a work item shouldn't've be assigned to someone?

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@Zalmen Grossberg no - a work item needs an owner. You can create an inactive user account as a placeholder/queue but the work assignee can’t be completely blank.