Hourly Rates by Team Member, not Role

  • 8 February 2023
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At our firm, each team member has his/her own hourly rate depending on their experience and role in the firm. Thus, when the billing feature determines hourly rate based on merely the role that the time was tracked with, this creates an issue for our firm. We might have a “Client Manager” role for tasks, but two client managers at our firm might have very different hourly rates. 

Our *hopefully* temporary workaround for this limitation is as follows - 

We created special roles in Karbon for each team member. For example, we would have “Time: John Doe” and “Time: Jane Smith” in addition to the normal roles such as client manager, bookkeeper, etc. These custom roles have the correct hourly billing rates.

We assign tasks using the standard roles (client manager, bookkeeper, etc.), but every time entry is made with the role set to that person’s custom role. 

This is a little cumbersome, and it also is prone to team members erroneously creating time entries using the wrong role, which would throw off hourly billing totals substantially. 

Is there a setting in Karbon to determine hourly rate based on the team member, not on the role? If not, is this a feature we could implement?

3 replies

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Will you post it here so others with the same question can find it? 😁

We ran into this at our firm, but we were able to get the detail we needed with these roles:

They each have a billable rate, and the individual rates were close enough together that we were able to combine them at these escalating levels.

  1. Office person
  2. Bookkeeper
  3. Junior Accountant
  4. Senior Accountant 1
  5. Senior Accountant 2
  6. Manager
  7. Director
  8. Officer

Thanks for the feedback - I just created a feature idea post for this.

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Hi @Jacob Satter I like your work around, we just came across this as we merged two firms with different rates so I know there is not option for rate by person.  We are value pricing so decided we could go with a rate per role.  I think it is a feature request that would get some traction, you can do that through the top menu on this page.