Function of task type that can be set on created tasks

  • 11 January 2024
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There is an option to add a task type to the tasks that was created under a work item. How exactly can that be currently utilized within Karbon? We tested to see if you add a task type to the task if it auto populates the suggested time entry the same as with client and work but it does not.



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3 replies

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Great question @Reinardt Coetzee 🙂

I’ve often wondered as well.. I think it is simply an information field. I can’t see any mention of Task Type in the Overview of Tasks article: and I’ve never seen it drive anything else or be used in any other way.

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Yes @Reinardt Coetzee I have wondered the same, thinking it may be a future filter item. 

Where I do see it is on the Time & Budget tab for a work item, if you want to see the budget (and actual time) by task type you can change the view there.

I try to remain diligent in assigning a task type, hoping for some future use case beyond information only.

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Hi @Reinardt Coetzee and @Victoria Peters,

I wouldn’t hold yor breath!

I just had a call with Leigh and Fahad from Karbon and we concluded it is definitely Information only at this stage and they did not indicate it would ever do anything (unless you request it to).

They refer to Budget Estimates and Time Entries, but as I pointed out, those are entirely separate (although use the same Task Types) and the Task Type on a Task in a Work item has no effect on what Budget Estimates or Time Entries anybody can record on the Work item. Unlike Assignee and Role on a Task, the Task Type doesn’t enable any bulk update features either.

I hope that helps 🙂