Feature Request - Client Group Level information

  • 15 November 2021
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Hi Karbon,

Would you please consider including a “Group Level” client information section, which flows through to all members of the group. Currently, we need to edit team members for each entity.

The other information (notes, etc) flows through the timeline in the “Client Group” contact, which is awesome.

However, if we need to change, for example, client team members, we need to do this for each entity, and also for the “Client Group” contact. This is necessary for “@team” purposes, etc.

There may be “entity by entity” matters which needs to be changed at an entity level. That is ok, and I’m not suggesting changes in this regard.

Perhaps there is a “Client Group” field/section which only triggers when an organisation or contact is linked into a Client Group. That way, any information changed in this “Client Group” Section flows through to all the other group entities and the “Client Group” contact.


2 replies

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Love this idea.  I’ll put in a request for that as well.

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Hi @mmaliberatore! Welcome to the community.

Right now, the best place to submit ideas to the Karbon engineers is through the “Make a Suggestion” menu: