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  • 25 October 2021
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Hi all,

We’ve recently signed up to Karbon and are getting into setting up our processes in the app

We currently send out documents, such as VAT returns via E-Sign software and are considering whether to continue with that approach or switch to sending the VAT return out as a Client Task, to be ticked when approved.

E-Sign feels to have more of an audit trail and legality behind approval, whereas Client Tasks feels to be making the process easier

Anyone been through the same though process?


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We are using client tasks and we also use an electronic signature package (currently we are using Iris Openspace).


When we send documents using the client task, we send for their attention or review (such as payroll to review and let us know if they want changes etc). For documents that require a signature, such as Tax Return, we send supporting documents through Karbon client tasks and have embedded a link to Openspace so client can log in to their openspace account and then sign off the documents electronically. 

The document package sends a link when uploaded as well, so the client can navigate to other folders if they prefer to do this themselves.


Does this help?

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Welcome to the community, Stuart!

We’re doing something similar to Coral. We use client tasks to get clients moving, but we don’t rely on it for any kind of legal approval.

We’ll set a client task for the client to “Complete DocuSign (separate email)” when a signature is required.

Brilliant - thankyou both, that’s really helpful

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