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  • 28 August 2023
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Loving the new Email Task feature.

Two quick questions:

ONE: One of my team needs to create an email task which defaults to an email address which isn't the main contact for the work item.

I cannot find how to change this in the repeating work item. It always reverts back to the main contact email address.

TWO: How can an email task be marked as complete (aside from clicking the elipses and selecting Change status) to show the email has been sent?

I would like to use a simple automation, but I have to create a new section below the email task and get the team member to tick a box to automate the completion of the work item.

Maybe I am over thinking it - is there a simpler way to achieve this?


Any help would be gratefully received and thank you in advance.



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@Adam Frampton Would you be able to provide additional clarification on your questions please. For the 1st, do you mean when sending an email from the Timeline of the repeating work item where Karbon suggests an email address or do you mean from within a Client Request on the Tasks tab?

For the 2nd, clarification may help there as well if this suggestion is not what you are looking for. I setup automator(s) on the Client Request (3 buttons to the right of the Add Task icon). I use the following criteria to change the Work Status to a Custom status type. Once the Client Request is sent, the work status will change. There is a 2nd automator that will change the work status (Rec’d Documentation / Rec’d Addl Doc) once the client completes the request. This works great as there is a Work View setup to show all work in those two(2) status’ I review at the end of each day so the work can then be assigned/re-assigned as required.



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@Adam Frampton if you hover over the email icon in the task, it changes to a checkbox and you can tick it off! It’s not obvious though - I found it by accident.


From what I’ve seen in my testing, you can’t pre-set who the email task goes to (but maybe I’m wrong?). What we do for all client requests is put the recipient’s name(s) in the title to make it clear. You could do the same for the email task i.e. Send email to [----------]. It won’t automate, but will at least remove the guess work!

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@Rebecca Williams So I definitely did not understand the question. Which now leads me to what is an Email Task as I have not seen this in my release of Karbon. Is this in Beta or is there something which needs to be done from within a work item to create this type of task?

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Thanks @LD7E  and @Rebecca Williams 

@LD7E - There is a recent functionality update (not Beta) which includes an option to send a client email (separate from a Client Request Section) as a task in a work item.

This creates a task which enable the user to send an email to the client.

My questions relate to this function. (1) email defaults to one email address - which I cannot find how to change (the default). (2) When an email is sent, the task doesnt change to complete. Therefore confusing the automations which come after it - ie “if all tasks in the section above are complete, then….” - wont work with an email task (from what I see).


@Rebecca Williams - these answers are great, thank you so much. (1) I will instruct my team to tick off the task, I admit I didnt try to hover over the envelope (doh!).

(2) I love this workaround, once again, thank you. 🙏