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  • 20 March 2022
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Is there any way to change the default font when sending emails? It’s not the same as my email signature, and I’m finding I have to remember to change it before I send any email. 


Thanks in advance!



Best answer by max 21 March 2022, 14:18

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9 replies

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Hello @Adam Cahill!

I am not aware of a way to change the font. I changed my signature font to match the Karbon default font.

Does that help at all?

Thanks @max 

Yep that’s what I’ve had to do for the time being too. 

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@Adam Cahill   It would be a good feature if available. Do you want to submit it as a Feature Idea so that we can upvote it?

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Post the link here so me and other people can find it as well. :)

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@max Do you mind adding it as a Feature Idea and posting the link? You sound like you know what you are doing to be able to generate the interest. :)  

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Here it is 😀: 


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@max  Thank you! 😀

I reached out to Karbon through help chat and they changed the default font for me.

Hope this helps. 😃


What is Karbon’s standard font & size? I’d like to make consistent across all correspondence.