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  • 16 May 2022
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Considering changing from Canopy. How does the document management work with client portal? Is this worth changing to from Canopy?


I am only on the trial version and the one thing I do not like is that there is no folder options to sort files. I want to make sure if I make the investment its worth it. 


Has anyone else changed from canopy?

4 replies

GLOBODOX has enabled us to streamline our document management process in a much more efficient manner improving customer service standards and empowering our legal team with ad hoc legal documents requirements by various government authorities.”

So you would not recommend Karbon for document management?

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@Matthew Reif karbon does not have document management functionality. It does have the ability to store files against a work item but you cannot edit and save back to Karbon. We use Microsoft share point for our files. Karbon is a convenient way to request and store received files against a work item. Think of it as a better way to manage email attachments and client requests.

coming soon Karbon will be able to automatically push these files from a work item to Dropbox/google drive/share point.

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@Matthew Reif there’s a webinar in a week that will go over the document management updates that Karbon is releasing that @lbernstein mentioned.