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A recent problem but I can no longer paste into emails on Karbon. I have tried Ctrl V, right clicking and selecting paste or paste as plain text, it just does nothing. Other Ctrl functions for copy, bold etc work fine and I can paste into comments on Karbon and systems outside of Karbon. Has anyone else experienced this or any advice how to fix? Thanks

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Hi @EmilyW - this definitely sounds buggy🪲 - I just tested and CTRL+V and CTRL+SHIFT+V are both working for me.

Have you checked in an Incognito or Private browser - if it works there, it makes it likely this issue is to do with your browser and that maybe your cache/cookies need deleting or browser updating, or just log out/in.

If that doesn’t work, you should reach out to Karbon support so they can take a look:

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Thank you @Rebecca Williams cleared my cache/cookies and it is now working. Should remember that if in doubt, clear the cache!