Contact Name for Emails where Organisation is the Primary Owner

  • 24 March 2022
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When an organisation is the primary owner of an email address and that email address is also linked to a contact, is there a way for it to show on the timeline with the contact’s name rather than the organisation’s name? For example, “Business” is the owner of “Person A” and “Person B”’s emails - when “Person A” emails us the email is auto tagged to the organisation’s timeline and shows up as the Organisation’s name and not “Person A”’s name.


It can get confusing since it does not show who is exactly emailing us out of the 2 people. I know we can just click on the name to show which email address it came from but if there was a way to see the contact name without having to click further that would make it better from a visibility point of view.


3 replies

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I understand now. In that case, I think you’re stuck with the way the system works. It sounds like a problem, though. That’s why I prefer (even though others in my office disagree) that the person should be the primary contact.

One option would be to vote for this feature idea which would allow you to pick the person contact as the primary but also add the email to the organization timeline automatically:

What do you think?


We have selected the organisation to be the primary owner which is what we want as we want emails to automatically be shared to the organisation’s timeline.

Our issue is that we have multiple emails where the organisation is the primary owner and all the emails save on the timeline with the organisation’s name rather than the person it came from. So we want to see if there is a way for their name to show up rather than the organisation’s name as we constantly have to click on the email to double check who it has come from.

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Hi @Natriya Anekboon, welcome to the Karbon community! 😀

If a person and organization (or any Karbon contacts) share the same email address, you’ll be asked this question:

Why this matters: The primary owner will automatically have email communication added to the timeline when email sharing is turned on.

If this box didn’t pop up for you, go into the person contact and edit their contact card. Once you save it, this box will pop up and you can choose to make the person the primary owner.

Does that help at all?