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  • 3 February 2022
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It would be useful if on the other contacts involved it had their role next to their name as set up on the contact card as there could be three of the same name because they have a different role in the company etc


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3 replies

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Hi @Chris Harvey! 😀

Did you put in a feature idea? If so, or if you do now, link it here and I’ll vote for it. 

Karbon reviews all the feature ideas and sets a status for them.

Hi has anything happened or is this being decided upon?  I have just had to open about 15 contacts to a client so see what their role is so would be handy to have their role next to their name

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Hi @Chris Harvey! Welcome to the Karbon Community. 😀

That’s a great idea. The best place to get ideas to Karbon is through the Feature Idea section where other users can read your idea upvote it when they like it.

Tap the link above:

Does that help at all?