• 25 February 2022
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Has anyone dove into the Connect4 integration?  It seems kind of neat, and could be useful.  Just wondering what others experience has been so far!?   May start using it with my team for one on one to try it out.

5 replies

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@max, it is a video chat/meeting platform, so it could replace Zoom for me when I set up meetings, especially ones that are intentional. 

We could have pre-set Agenda’s for different meeting types (consulting, one-on-one’s with team, calls with prospects, etc).  You can keep notes and set up “action items” which would allow us to push those into Karbon as work items. 

I’m not sure how deep the integration goes yet, I’m just starting to play with it.  But, I like the idea of it. 

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This sounds interesting.  I may have to look into it.

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It’s an interesting tool but I struggle to justify the cost vs teams and zoom. We are however having meetings with connect 4 to see if we are missing a key concept 

@David Perry This product looks amazing.  Do you know who else is using it?  Are you using it?

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I have not used it. I’m curious to hear how it works.