Client Secure Uploads

  • 11 January 2023
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I am trying to prevent clients from uploading items to my old portal.  However, they often times need a secure way to send me a file that has nothing to do with a Work item or a Client Request.  The Karbon Portal does not have a section for clients to upload.  What have you all found as the best fix?

Bottom line is, I do not want clients doing things outside my Karbon EcoSystem. :)

4 replies

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@Tom Kneeland This is an area we struggle with too.  Would love to hear how others are navigating this.

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Hi @Tom Kneeland, that’s a great question. We did two things:

  • We have a work template called “Secure Document Transfer” used just to transfer information back and forth.
  • We use O365 and there’s an option to “Request Files” which generates a link where people can dead-drop documents. It’s not a portal, just a place where clients can drop things off.

We also use the dead-drop link because Karbon has a file size limit that we sometimes exceed with large QBD files.

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@Tom Kneeland 

We use a Karbon Template for items not assigned to an actual work item. We call it Document Request, takes about 2 minute to create the Work Request and send to the Client. They can then upload as normal. It is a two-way template; meaning we use it for either having the Client send us something or requesting something from the Client not associated with a current open work item.



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That’s very similar to our template. 😀