Client request gentle reminders with multiple client request due dates

  • 18 February 2023
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Anyone know how this reminder works with different client request item due dates?

I checked the help files and they do not seem to address if you have more different due dates for different client request items (we make the tax questionnaire due before the documents).

  • Do the reminders go based on the earliest due date?
  • What if there is a client request without a due date? The instructions in the blue box say to add due dates to all tasks.
  • What happens if the due dates are within 7 days? Does the first reminder get skipped or just go to the back of the line?

I will test this, but I’m curious if anyone knows so I can get my answer more quickly. 😊

It would be cool to get clarity in the help docs, too @Aliesa Jackson. 😁

6 replies

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I would be interested to know this too. When using this, we don’t set the reminder dates if it is less than 7 days before we need something - this is because we got more response from clients letting us know that we were chasing for info twice on the same day (ie the original request and the reminder) - so more often than not, we don’t use the reminder section.


That’s not to say that we don’t want to - just we don’t always have the opportunity. For example, payroll, is a 3 day turn around, so it’s not always possible.

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Okay, I am testing it now:

I expect to get:

  1. First email right away on 2/20/2023
  2. Reminder email on 2/22/2023, 7 days before first task due date
  3. Reminder email on 3/1/2023, first task due date
  4. Three consecutive reminders on 3/2, 3/3, and 3/4/2023 as the first task goes past due

I’ll update here as it happens. 😊

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will chat with my team to see about getting the help docs updated.

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UPDATE: Reminder #1 fired 7 days before the earliest due date client request. This screenshot is from February 22, 2023:


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We usually do not have due dates for client requests within the request.  We set custom reminders to send say once a week or once every two weeks.  This seems to work well for our clients.  We leave details within the request if we need documents immediately.  Something like “Please complete your engagement letter immediately to hold your place for tax preparation”.

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I got my second reminder today as expected: