Client Portal for clients with multiple entities

  • 31 August 2022
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Hi everyone! 

Overall we are loving the Client Portal, however we are running into HUGE issues with clients that have multiple entities in their business.

We don’t currently have the entity name in each work item. As a result, when they open up their portal, they have no way of distinguishing between entities.

The only fix I’ve found at the moment is to add the entity name to each work item, but it will take me hours to do.

9 replies

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Hi everyone. This is now in development. 

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If you put in a feature idea, comment the link here and I will vote for it. 😀

We don’t have many clients like that, but the portal is a really nice solution to the problems we were having with clients digging through their email and missing client requests because there are so many emails that go out about them.

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We have several clients that this would be an issue with and lots of trouble to correct in the workflows. I’d vote for it too if you can post that feature request link here.


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Doneso! Can you tell it was my first post? :) 


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Voted! 😀

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also Voted!

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Voted too!!

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