Can't set up log in to client portal

  • 9 September 2022
  • 4 replies


My client is saying that she gets error messages when she tried to set up a log in.

4 replies

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We haven’t had this issue yet.  Can you maybe do a Teams meeting and have the client share their screen.  You could take a screen shot and show the tech support at Karbon what kind of error they are seeing.  They are very helpful.  You may also be able to help them complete the login if you spot something they are doing wrong.

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That sounds like something Karbon support would like to know about. You can contact them at or I like the chat best. You can find it here:

FYI @Aliesa Jackson 😀

Thank you for your help on this @DianeK and @max

@Margie Mechanic I believe our support team will be able to best support you with this question. We will reach out to you shortly via in-app chat to resolve your question! Thank you.


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@Margie Mechanic Is the privacy level set to Hidden for this contact? 
While testing the portal, I tried creating an account for my personal email, but I was unsuccessful. When I created another contact with a different email and didn't set it to hidden, I was able to create an account.