Amending Completion dates in work

  • 9 December 2021
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Hi all, I am hoping that it is possible (or at least on the roadmap it will be possible) to amend a completion date to the day it was actually completed, even it it’s marked off after the event.  I have an employee who is getting used to changing statuses as we go, and to be honest, I sometimes forget myself.  However I can usually tell from items on the timeline of a piece of work when it was completed. 

If I mark things as complete in my regular cleanup of work, it gives a misleading picture of how long it takes to go through the various stages.



2 replies

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Great question @Jenelle EBA. Haven’t heard if this feature is on the roadmap for Karbon team. No way, that I know of, to adjust the close date. Accurate completion dates are understandably important when measuring performance and efficiency of work items. 

Karbon has caused me to put a greater focus on completing work items regularly. Once the ‘file close’ task hits my to-do list, I try to complete them in short time. This helps ensure the date of close for the work measure fairly accurate. 

In some cases, our team now closes work items when the substance of work is complete, which may be for all tasks are actually done. We setup a separate note to track a remaining, lingering task item. For example, a tax return may be significantly complete, but the customer is taking longer than expected to pick up their paper records. We close the work and then create a note to track the return of records. the note item allows us to set to-do and due dates and assign to team member, if necessary. 

Hope this helps some. 😊

This would be great. There are times when you would want 2 dates. 1 as the ‘completed’ date and the 2nd as the ‘marked as completed’ date to keep an audit trail.