Admin mgmt of partner email (triage)

  • 24 November 2022
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Is there a way for my admin to manage my triage in box?  (A pre-triage, if you will)?  I would love to have my admin pair down my inbox for me….  In the same way that colleges can see “my week”, can I also set up the ability for my admin to toggle between my triage and their own?  (this would also be great for expected team absences, such as vacations…) 

6 replies

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@Kathy Coggins this is currently in development by Karbon! It’s a hotly requested feature, and last I heard it’s due for Q1 2023.

@Aliesa Jackson Do you have the link to the KarbonX preview recording where this was demo’d? I wasn’t able to find it!

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I’m not sure the KarbonX roadmap is still current.

Another option would be to register for the 2022 product recap webinar. They may address the roadmap during the webinar, but they may also have live Q&A so you can get specific questions through to the product team.

It looks like @Sara Goepel will feature prominently in this webinar, and she’s the one that has the answers to all those questions. 😀


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Yes please, this is a priority for us, for sure! 

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This would be a priority for our firm as well.  Currently, we share one of our partner’s login so their admin can help cull the inbox before they start their day.  However, they take ownership of some of the tasks and some tracking is lost in the process.

This kind of inbox control would be very helpful!!!

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I also think that having admin clear out of triage for my partners would be ideal!

We would love this feature, too! As the admin I’d like to be able to filter some of the CPAs triage to get rid of easy items and lessen their load.