Adding multiple e-mail addresses to an email

  • 1 December 2021
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I am sending a bulk email to a group of clients.  I am sending the email to myself and the bcc’ing the group of clients.  I have the list of emails in a document.  In Gmail, I used to just copy and paste the emails and wa-la, they are all added.  But I can’t copy and paste in Karbon.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.



5 replies

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No. We just go into Gmail and make the email there. Karbon really needs some time of bulk email sending tool. One thing lacking in this industry is a good way to email clients based on entity type, incorporation date, etc. I know this can be done in email marketing tools, but all of the attributes are in Karbon and cannot be exported well. 

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@Trey Fulmer Usually I would go straight to Gmail.  However, I have been trying to stay in Karbon.  But there was a second issue.  I am not sure if it is gmail or Dropbox but every time I send an email from Gmail with a Dropbox attachment, I get all these permission pop-ups warning me about sending attachments to people outside of my organization, yada yada yada.  For some reason, the mass email would not send from Gmail.  That has never happened before.

As a result, I had to manually add every recipient.

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The email function of Karbon really needs a lot of work but I believe they are planning to add more features in it. 


For me, I still use Outlook when doing bulk emails. 

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While we don’t really send bulk emails from Karbon, we do send emails to small groups (some emails get sent to our entire team so that email can be assigned to a work item). Sure would be great if I didn’t have to manually add everyone’s email every time I needed to send an email to the group.

I’ve created a txt command on my MacBook but that won’t trigger in Karbon, so I either begrudgingly compose the email in Karbon and manually enter the emails, or I go into my gmail to add it to the group from there. 

Vote for the feature in Karbon here.  I would also love this feature.