• 11 January 2023
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This year I sent my 1099 client request with a downloadable spreadsheet. It maps to import to 1099 software. Do you ask find clients like a PDF form better? 

5 replies

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That’s an interesting idea! At this point we have not started shifting client behavior regarding 1099 information. We are focused on getting our own internal systems more organized, and that has paid off this year. I like your idea, though! We’ll have to think about that for next year.

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Our clients like things that are easy to use and don’t take a lot of their time.  If the spreadsheet is easy to understand and use, they will love it.

We sent out an Excel last tax season that was too complicated and had very few people use it.  We updated the Excel this year and have had positive feedback from our clients on the update.  It was to track rental income and expenses.

As long as it is easy for the client to understand and use, you will have success.

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Our clients normally send information the following ways:

  • QBD backup (we use for all year-end work, including 1099s)
  • QBO (we pull our own reports)
  • Client-generated Expense by Vendor summary report
  • Napkin doodles

I think a spreadsheet like yours would replace the napkin doodles, which would make things a little easier for the client, I think, by giving them a format and direction.

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@Tom Kneeland What is the information are you asking for on that spreadsheet?

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Name, address, EIN,TIN, amount paid. Also separate tabs for the NEC and the MISC.