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We are switching over to Karbon at present. I am just wondering how those using XPM for billing handle Karbon? Do you still set up a job in XPM? If so then there are two jobs on hand - one in Karbon and the other in XPM? How do you then bill the client? 


What is “Best Practice”?

Still a bit confused here.


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We were on XPM until 18 months ago when we then switched over to Karbon.


At that point, we finished all jobs on XPM and now use Karbon for timesheets and data recording. We never used XPM for automatic billing previously so I don’t know if that was your question? But we do our billing through ignition and Xero - and there has been no change there for us.


Reach out to your account manager who may be able to help with this and provide clarity. I know that billing is something that is being developed - and knowing the timeframe may help reduce your confusion.

Thanks Coral. Its such a big change! 


Hi Danny


The simplest solution would be to set up repeating invoices in Xero for any recurring fixed fee work and use a payment service such as GoCardless to collect direct debit payments from your customers.


If you use Ignition it would be worth speaking to them to see how the latest billing functionality works - they can also push your invoices through to Xero, which goes through XPM but it can be set up to function without you needing to actively use XPM for task management.


We have some exciting additions coming in the near future to help you streamline and organise your client invoicing - stay tuned!