Would you like some new airpods? Only 1 catch - post a review to G2 Crowd for me!

  • 21 October 2021
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Thanks Karbon!

Today we have 69 reviews on G2 Crowd. We’ll send you a brand new pair of Apple Airpods Pro with Wireless Charging Case (worth USD $249) if you post a review between now and 100 reviews. Just post a link to your review in this thread, and I’ll get them out to you. Email me your postal address if your subscription details in Karbon aren’t the address you would like me to send the airpods to.

That’s it. No other catches other than that.

We love having you as a Karbon customer! Thank you.

Karbon is a learning curve. Takes time to get use to it. Great in keeping on track with jobs. Don’t like seeing the (red date) overdue jobs. The only thing I would like to see is a priority/ urgent. So if your colleague gives you a job you then know how urgent the job is. 

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Thanks so much everyone who left a review on G2. We’ve now hit 100 thanks to you. If you haven’t received your Airpods yet, they’re on the way. 

If you missed out this time, keep your eyes open… we’ll be running another promotion soon!