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We would like clients to submit their requests in writing to our support email so we are able to make sure we get everything done. However, instead of just using the email to track this, I thought creating a workflow template item to manage this and be able to follow up with required information might be VERY helpful to standardize collecting information we need as most items require certain information.

Based on the email we can fill in some of the blanks, however, other times we will need to request items and want to keep everything organized and make sure we are resolving these issues/questions.

Does anyone already do this or have a template they would be willing to share that like? Giving our staff the ability to work through an issue and document what we know and what we need?

My thought is it should be generic enough to cover everything. In one example, a client wants to know how to handle a bounced check in QBO. While sometimes we might just resolve this on behalf of the client, another time we might need more info to do this

I’m not sure if I’m making any sense, but hopefully I am.

Thank you!

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I do not have a template that I can share but I am thinking that you need a flowchart for each request that shares what your team needs and who is responsible for providing that. This flowchart could then be inserted into a work template so when you receive a request to your support email the work template for “X request” gets created and it has a flowchart showing the “standard” items you need and they would also be listed as a client task. The flowchart is more of an “overview” for your staff and client so they can understand the process.  I imagine the template would be something like this with automators:

  1. Flowchart for process
  2. Edit the client task to add/remove any items you have/need
  3. Client Task - with requests for items needed and a copy of the flowchart so they understand the process of the request
  4. Steps to complete the client request once the client task has been completed

By having this type of workflow you will be able to track the requests to ensure nothing is falling through the cracks. 

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Adding on to what @Ashley Rhoden said - we have some work item templates set up for the most common requests (i.e. “please add a new user to this tool” “I’m locked out of this tool” “I’ve got a new bank account” etc.).

As much as possible, I think it’s good to try work out what prompted the request/question and whether there is a way to preempt it. For example, creating client guides that can be linked inside client tasks, adding automated checklists, providing details up front (e.g. minimizing “when will I receive X” questions).

The goal being to (as much as possible) minimize inbound email requests/questions by having processes, checklists and documentation set up so the question doesn’t need to be asked!

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Thanks for everyone feedback thus far.


I agree, we should be preempted as much as possible. These are just for items we need to document and make sure are resolved, usually QBO issues will the be most common I think.


Love what everyone has shared!