🚨 New playbook alert: Double Your Firm's Pricing in 4 Easy Steps

  • 24 May 2023
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Very excited to share our latest ebook with you all:


🎉 The Pricing Playbook: Double Your Firm's Prices in 4 Easy Steps 🎉


We worked with Ryan Lazanis from Future Firm to create a guide to help you charge what you're worth.


It covers these 4 steps for doubling your prices:

  1. Lay the foundations in your Discovery Call
  2. Set up 3-tiered pricing
  3. Leverage an ‘Options Call’
  4. Finalize the sale with a well-defined agreement


We also debunk some common myths about raising prices and delve into the psychology of pricing.


You can download it here.


Would love to know your thoughts—feel free to add them below. Or email me at jessica@karbonhq.com (while you're at it, if there's something you'd like to see more of over at Karbon Magazine, let me know).


Happy price increases to you all 👋


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