Mass client onboarding

  • 18 April 2023
  • 2 replies

I’m starting a new firm and my plan was to onboard a few hundred clients in one shot. Has anyone done this before and have any tips? I should mention I will also be using practice ignition. 

2 replies

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Hi @Emblyn CPA - have you reached out to your Karbon account manager or support? I believe they support with onboarding your existing clients! There are import features that can help as well, often managed through Karbon support. You would add the details to a spreadsheet, and it gets imported into Karbon. This can be done for Contacts, but also for work items. Once you have templates set up for your common work items, Karbon support can help push out work items for your existing clients based on the templates. This can include setting up repeating work if need be.


There is a direct integration between Karbon and PI which can create new contacts and some default work items, although I’m not familiar with how it actually works. I believe there are some community posts about the integration though, which should come up with a search.


In terms of tips I would say:

  • Test creation/setup with a handful of clients first - sometimes the way you imagine work items/naming conventions/groups etc. working in your end may not be the best way in reality!
  • Think through how you plan on having your standard setup, and document this! It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you can change things, but in my opinion it’s best to at least start with some standards. For example:
    • How will you name work items?
    • How will you structure start/due dates? These can impact how you setup repeats and naming. e.g. do you want the start/due date to pull back to the Friday if the date is on the weekend?
    • How far in advance should work/tasks create?
    • What roles/tasks types will you need? Looking for that balance between clarity when assigning, and not getting to granular (harder to maintain!)
    • How will you use/define group/company/individual contacts? There are a couple of community discussions about this
    • How will you break out the tasks themselves, thinking both about how to section tasks within a work item, but also which tasks should be in a work item. For example, some orgs have processing and statement preparation as two separate work items (maybe weekly processing, monthly statements), others would include them both in one work item.
    • What work types and statuses will you have? This is important for filtering, but also because you can have different statuses available depending on the type of work.

Curious to hear what suggestions others have as well!

Thanks for the feedback. Seems like I have some work ahead of me!