HTML in Client Task Emails - Send Beautiful client tasks

  • 28 December 2021
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Make collecting information from clients as easy as possible


  1. Create a questionnaire in Typeform
  2. Add hidden fields


  3. Publish (You’ll get a URL that looks like this but with your own typeform_key and form_key)
  4. Add a little HTML link to a Karbon client task. This page may help you understand what’s going on here:
  5. Replace the placeholder “xxxxx” with your the dynamic tags in Karbon
    (update typeform_key and form_key to your unique values)
    Add dynamic text between the <a> tags
    <a href="

    <%client_name>'s <%work_name> Questionnaire

  6. Send and test
    This is how it displays in Gmail
    The link pre-loads the client’s information to automatically personalize.


You may notice that I have a “&” in my client name, which breaks the tag as it’s passed through the URL. Best not to have any “&” symbols in your client names for this to work well.

The possibilities for this are nearly limitless. I’m curious to see what you all come up with.

28 replies

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Thank you everyone for the feedback! Our experience with client requests has been better than our Liscio attempts, but I am going to attribute that to the annual use of our clients vs. monthly engagements. So far, the main issue has been getting clients to not only respond to the request but also mark the item as completed (despite three plus reminders throughout our communications). Clients...

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@max  Any recent updates to this?  We’ve been using Jotform for years and really like it, but we haven’t done anything to integrate the workflow into Karbon client data.

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We switched to SafeSend returns this year which negated the need for this process.

In general, I think the HTML capabilities of client task emails are underutilized, but we aren’t doing anything with it now since the switch to SafeSend.